Definitely thinner lately, right? Just me?

Ryan Reynolds was in Vegas for CinemaCon yesterday to promote The Green Lantern (with Blake Lively, more on her later) and to collect his award for Male Star of the Year. As you can see, he has a new shorter haircut. I’m telling you, his face looks a lot more drawn. Post-divorce weight loss?

He’s come off a lot better than Scarjo has since their split though. While Ryan was filming in South Africa with Denzel Washington, and quietly hooking up with a young blonde model, Scarlett Johansson was hero-lusting her foot into Sean Penn’s crotch over lunch. And jetting to Mexico with him on a quickie sex weekend.

For Ryan though, at least for now, there’s really not a lot of time. In addition to hardpimping Lantern, which seems to be trailing on buzz right now after an underwhelming first trailer (see below), worries about the suit, and Blake Lively’s wooden acting, he has several more projects on the go, including The Change-Up with Jason Bateman.

Bateman was also in Vegas yesterday, with Jason Sudeikis and Charlie Day, promoting another production Horrible Bosses. The Change-Up opens in August and the premise is that the two are best friends – Bateman’s a responsible father, Reynolds is a playboy, and one night they get drunk and wake up switched into each other’s lives. Like Big + Face/Off, which isn’t the most original concept but with the pairing of these two, well, there’s a lot of potential. Come on. Bateman & Reynolds? I want a first trailer soon. But again with the Olivia Wilde. She’s in it too. What am I missing?

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