Balthazar Getty is married. But at least he’s not ugly...right? Much better looking than Rhys Ifans? For some people, that’s actually an improvement. Perhaps that’s the way Sienna sees it.

Two weeks after news first broke that Sienna Miller had homewrecked Balthazar Getty’s marriage, paps caught the couple on holiday in Italy, leaving no doubt (if there was any before) about the status of the relationship.

The Sun was the first to pay big bucks for these exclusives – Sienna topless on a yacht, cavorting with her new, much hotter, very married man, super sexy with his salt and pepper streaks.

Stranger still ... Getty’s heartbroken wife was said to have fled to Italy when she learned of the affair. Stealing the woman’s husband and vacationing where she’s trying to escape – bitch, how many knives can you plunge into one person’s back???

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