Oh much better than that sh-tty ass St Patrick’s Day royal bun that gave me the swears yesterday. Did you take a good look at that thing? Did you see its shape from the sides? What kind of a stylist allows that to be seen in public on a princess? Jackie M wrote to me yesterday countering that a simple low ponytail, as I suggested as an acceptable and much less ugly alternative, would be an affront to a certain demographic. You mean the old white people who are scared of immigrants? Great. That’s what we’ll call it then. The bun for old white people who are scared of immigrants.

Now here’s something that will work for the old white people who are scared of immigrants and the more evolved -- Prince William and Catherine visited the offices of Child Bereavement UK today. According to What Kate Wore she’s in an off-white coat by Goat and a black Topshop dress with a peter pan collar that fits over perfectly. Well done, Katy Cambridge.

Are her hem lengths going up as the baby gets bigger?