Cate Blanchett’s been out a lot this week to promote Blue Jasmine. The style porn has been amazing. I decided to wait and collect all her looks and post them all at once.

My favourite, obviously, is the showstopper – the pink Balenciaga Edition. Look at that. It’s incredible. And it’s so totally HER. It’s so ONLY her.

In second place, definitely the drop waist black and white McQueen. F-cking perfect.

Understanding that you can’t go balls out several times a day, several days in a row, Cate mixed it up with a few low key outfits that, while not spectacular, were always appropriate and flattering and never, ever too Try or not enough Try.

There are some who believe that she too will be an Oscar contender for her performance in this film. Meryl, Julia, Cate, Sandra, Nicole, Emma, Marion, Winslet – it’s a heavyweight award season coming up.