Spoiler! You’ve been warned!

Grey’s Anatomy isn’t what it once was but then again few shows can be so excellent so all the time. Like Friday Night Lights.

Still… it seemed to have regained some consistency. If you can overlook the eyeball tearing irritation that is Meredith and Derek, there is the always strong Sandra Oh with a new hot crazy quivering love interest in Kevin McKidd and I grudgingly like Izzie and Karev and of course, the way they’ve been treating the lesbian storyline between Callie and Dr Hahn…which is now, officially, dead.

Ausiello is reporting that Shonda Rhimes was pretty much ordered by ABC executives to kill it. They were uncomfortable with it. They felt icky about two chicks exploring new sexual territory. They did not want to be associated with content related to how a woman should go down on another woman. It is however totally fine to when the subjects are boy and girl.

Yay for the MiniVan Majority!

In a frank discussion with Ausiello, Brooke Smith, the actress playing Dr Hahn explains her own confusion and frustration with the decision and confirms exactly how it all went down. A very, very insightful read. Click here for more.

It’s the year 2008.