Porny started dating Tony Romo and he started sucking. They blamed her rather unfairly, I think. After all, Romo was unproven at the time he was offered that huge contract, still unproven now, and widely regarded as totally overhyped. Porny became the scapegoat. Poor Porny.

Before Kate Hudson Alex Rodriguez was already regarded as highly skilled, with the numbers to back it up. Then the attitude and the roid monkey kicked in. And Madonna didn’t help. A colossal PR fail.

Madonna hurt him…

Manslinger has helped him…?


ARod has been playing on fire. He’s no longer truculent with the press. He is producing and he is supporting his team.

Since admitting to juicing he says it’s like a weight was lifted, that he’s been “freed by the truth”, and gossips are now also suggesting that his relationship with Kate has been a spark, a significant source of inspiration.


I’m throwing up too.

But there she is, as I said the other day she loves being the cheerleader, cheering with the other WAGs, with her family, and the Yankees are on a roll and even is jumping on the train, comparing Manslinger to Porny. Porny’s even being attacked by the celeb friendly publications. Oh Porny…

Kate and ARod, for real?

I asked you to think about it the other day, check the poll.

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