They’re making a movie about Aaliyah. It’s a tv movie. On Lifetime. Who’s playing her?


I wasn’t happy about this this morning. So I emailed the only person I know who cares about Baby Girl as much as I do: Sasha (who’s in Paris right now).

Sasha’s reaction:

“This is excellent casting! I pray this is not cheesy as f-ck either way screening party please.”

Aaliyah’s family apparently wasn’t happy either that she’s going to be a Lifetime movie. TMZ reports they’re trying to kill the project. I agree. I told Sasha that Aaliyah is better than a Lifetime movie. Sasha has a different perspective:

“Dude, the reality is all she can get is a lifetime movie at this point. I don't think people care about her as much as you and I.  Like, they don't at all. I'll watch anything that talks about her. Come on you'll watch too. Okay now the fun part of why this will be hilariously amazing  - who will play missy Elliot!!!!!!”

Um, who will play R Kelly? If it’s a Lifetime movie, you know they’re going to go there.

But is this true? Do you all not care about Aaliyah? How…?

She was amazing. She was a tomboy. She wore her pants down low and her underwear over them and her songs were the BEST. My favourite? At Your Best. But can you keep your head still when Are You That Somebody comes on?

Come on!

As for Zendaya, I know nothing about her, nothing. Here she is in New York yesterday.