Have never felt strongly either way about Aaron Eckhart. He can be a dick but nothing that distinguishes him from the pack, and a few years back at TIFF, Elle Macpherson tried to maul him and he was like – um, I’ll take a pass because your ferocious lioness play is freakin’ me out… which for some can be interpreted as a little limp.

So what was it about Aaron Eckhart last night at Critics’ Choice that was soooo hot? 

Check him out all perfect in his tux at the event and the after party speaking for the first time to my lady situation … Yum.

Have you seen Thank You For Smoking? He had a great love scene with Katie Holmes. Can’t remember if they cut out of her breasts but she shot it before Tom. They sizzled. 

A Freebie 5 possibility? 

Aaron Eckhart is presenting at the Globes on Sunday. Let’s decide after that.

Photos from Wenn.com