It feels that way when you’re obsessed with something. In my case, right now, it’s Aaron Johnson, the 19 year old “Next” from England, and his 43 year old pregnant-with-their-child fiancée Sam Taylor-Wood. Click here for a refresher. Aaron is also starring opposite Carey Mulligan in The Greatest, and he showed up in Manchester yesterday for Kick-Ass with Christopher Mintz-Plasse. As you can see, Sam is travelling with him. Sam is always with him. Or he’s always with her. I f-cking love it.

Like, what happens when the baby comes and it wails all the time? And she’s nursing and it’s a pain in the ass and they can’t go out and he’s 20 and he wants to kick it on the scene and she has two other children, still young, from her previous marriage that she has to look after.... what happens?

Well, you worry about that another time. They would say that worrying is for conformists.

For now, Sam’s ex husband Jay Jopling, an art dealer, still represents her work. Last year he dated Lily Allen. Now he’s with a writer. They all get on great.



As for Aaron, well, seems he has a way with older women. Video below – Aaron poses with Anne-Marie Duff (James McAvoy’s wife) for InStyle UK as a part of the magazine’s BAFTA salute last month. His bit is right after Dev Patel’s who is SO cute followed by some more adorable young Brits ... see for yourself.

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