Went to a screening yesterday of Kick-Ass. Will post a formal review of the movie closer to the release date (April 16th) but without getting into too much detail Chloe Grace Moretz does NOT disappoint. I am now a 36 year old hag who wants to be a 12 year old superhero called Hit Girl with a mouth like a trucker, moves like Bruce Lee, and the face of an angel. She’s my favourite. And you will fist pump every time she’s on screen.

Then there’s Aaron Johnson. Am trying very, very hard to not become obsessed with Aaron Johnson. But he’s so beautiful. SO beautiful. And in real life he’s British. And he’s adorable. And at 19 years old (he turns 20 in a couple months) he’s totally a violation of Gay Math. But he’s engaged to artist Sam Taylor-Wood who directed him in Nowhere Boy. Yeah she’s 43. She’s the one filmed the David Beckham sleeping portrait, remember?


On the one hand, I’m all like, sign me up for some of that.

On the other hand....

There’s a conflict.

Because if Aaron were a girl and Sam were man it would be totally offside-ish...right? Picture Emma Watson in a relationship with Colin Firth. Then picture her pregnant.

That’s right.

Taylor-Wood is pregnant with Johnson’s child.



And they’re seemingly inseparable. They were together in Dublin last night at the Kick-Ass Irish premiere, and of course on Monday at the London premiere, and at the BAFTAs, and at Alexander McQueen’s funeral and he presents much older than 19, doesn’t he? But yes he’s only 19. And she’s having his baby. After divorcing just months before meeting him. Fascinating, non? I’d love to kiss him, sure, but I’d love even more to have a conversation with her. Because how do you avoid that reality?

He’s 19. He’s not fully formed. So what happens in 5 years? Or do you not think that far ahead? At some point do you just say f-ck it and worry about later later?



Here they are on the carpet at the BAFTAs. He looks a bit like Jackson Rathbone. And below, an extended trailer for Kick-Ass. I’m telling you – it’s FUN.


Also attached, Chloe Grace Moretz and Christopher Mintz-Plasse in Ireland.