He has a really cute giggle but Christ, Aaron Johnson is a terrible, terrible interview. You remember when Kristen Stewart was crucified last year on David Letterman because she was a terrible interview? It’s the same. And wouldn’t you know, they’re the same age. Only Aaron Johnson is engaged to be married to a 43 year old woman who is expecting his child. And he’s living with her two other children, 13 and 3.

And of course you know what he’s doing here, right? He still thinks that if he’s enthusiastic about something people won’t take him seriously, that he won’t seem mature or old enough. Ironically, because of the way he’s behaving, he actually doesn’t seem mature or old enough. Petulant teen.

And she’s engaged to him!

I’m obsessed.

Aaron was on Jonathan Ross of course to promote Kick-Ass. And yes, Jonathan did go there at the end, especially when Aaron brought up the school run. He was too cool for it. I want to know what happens in 5 years. Am desperate to know what happens in 5 years. Sam Taylor-Wood is a fascinating woman.

Here they are out for dinner the other night.

Photos from Wenn.com