I am terrible at deciphering Halloween costumes. Is this Where The Wild Things Are? What’s with the condoms? Balloons? I don’t understand. Many fairy tales and children’s books were lost on me and everything else just looks like lingerie. Also, does it count if a costume isn’t something specific?

Like a cat, a dog, a painting, a lamp, a character, a personality...

That I understand.

When someone just paints their face all scary and wears some feathers, does that count as a real costume?

What are the rules?

Why am I so c-nty about rules?

Not sure what Aaron Paul is supposed to be. But he was at the Maroon 5 Halloween party and I only picked up on it now. With his fiancée, obviously. Oh, hi Maria, is that you? You ok over there? This is the second set of shots for the week. I’m seeing her tomorrow at the movies but now I’m not sure she’ll be able to get out of bed.