It’s sweet that he does, really. It was very sweet, the very real tears shining in his eyes as he accepted his award. And then of course he turned to his fiancée Lauren and thanked her for loving him, and something about it saving his life, her looking at him the way she does -- words too intimate and personal to be shared on stage, surely, and it finally made sense, Maria’s constant handwringing about their relationship, specifically about how she worries that he might get hurt; that the to-be-wife might hurt him, or, more accurately, that he may be setting himself for the hurt, based of course, on our most reliable relationship barometer, ahem: Photo Assumption.

He kisses her on the cheek with his eyes closed and she returns the love to camera. And it wasn’t just on stage, was it? It seems like he is constantly being grateful to her for being with him. I’m just not sure that kind of imbalance is healthy. Oh but it’s only Photo Assumption, right? And he did look great in that tux.