They’re dating???

80% of you just clicked away when you realised this story is about a writer. But not just any writer! Few writers have the Aaron Sorkin profile. Writers are not supposed to live in front of their words. But somehow the Sorkins and the Diablo Codys of the world have become part of the conversation too. 

Aaron Sorkin’s new show The Newsroom premieres on HBO Canada and HBO on Sunday at 10pm. The critics so far are destroying it. Reviews that can be classified as positive aren’t necessarily very passionate and the reviewers who are against are vitriolic, to the point where it almost sounds personal. That’s the Aaron Sorkin effect, I guess. I will write more extensively about The Newsroom tomorrow but I’ll say right off the top, for what it’s worth, because obviously the critics’ opinion means more, infuriating as the show is, and it is VERY, I love it a lot. I hate it a lot but I think I love it more.

Can we talk about his relationship now?

Sorkin and Kristin Davis are dating!

We didn’t know this before and not pay attention, did we? Because I think I would have paid attention. Davis adopted a baby girl last year. Sorkin has a daughter, Roxy, with his ex-wife. He used to date Kristin Chenoweth too. So is Charlotte York going to start showing up in his shows and movies now? Because you know how Sorkin writes women. There’s one scene that’s particularly nauseating in The Newsroom where two women, who met like 30 seconds ago, at the workplace, where one is higher ranking and the other is at the entry level, just launch into a conversation about relationships and boys like that’s the only possible subject matter for female strangers. HE IS INSUFFERABLE!

And yet...

Fine. We’ll go back to gossiping about George Clooney now.