Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s Flaunt photo shoot. Was not shot by Sam Taylor-Johnson. This doesn’t matter to you, probably. But it matters to me because, well, she’s a photographer, a celebrated photographer. And these pictures are so f-cking sexy, I just wonder whether they’d be more sexy or not as sexy if she’d been the one shooting. Maybe that can’t happen anymore, for the same reason he wasn’t in Fifty Shades Of Grey. Some things she might want to keep to herself.

But goddamn, Sam, goddamn.

The interview? For the four of you who want to pretend to care about the interview? As he says in the interview, “There’s not much people don’t already know”. He adores his wife. He met her when he was ready to stop being reckless. He was ready to spend his life with her. His life with her, and their four children, is the best thing ever. He doesn’t need to party like Chris Evans. He doesn’t need to spend his 20s the way you expect to spend your 20s in Hollywood. I mean what can you say at this point? There’s nothing to say for another 10 years. Perhaps less. Perhaps whatever you’re thinking, whatever we’re thinking is wrong. But right now, none of that matters. Right now they’ve just celebrated their 3rd wedding anniversary and 6th year together. Right now she’s posting this on Instagram:



Happy Anniversary dear husband ❤️ @aarontaylorjohnson

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And he’s reciprocating with this:


My favorite tree.. S+A 💘 @samtaylorjohnson

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And you’re like, enough of this sh-t, Lainey, just talk about his ASS. OK but what if the ass isn’t my favourite picture? I like the one where’s wet and the water’s dripping all over him and he’s twisting from the waist a lot more than the ass. I also prefer the one of him kneeling back, hands to the sky, jeans teasingly sliding down…

The ass shot, the way the pants are falling off and hugging his leg, is giving him a little Jonas thigh, non?

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