Aaron Taylor-Johnson is shooting Godzilla in Vancouver. Here he is arriving the other day in Vancouver. Then he got his hair cut. Now his daughters are with him in Vancouver. And his wife, Sam Taylor-Johnson, too. My Obsession. In Vancouver. I live in Vancouver. OMG.

This...is too close.

I might have to not go out for the entire duration of their stay. I don’t go out much anyway but this, this could require full hermit styles. Because running in to them, it just might be too much. Too much. I might go Twi-Hard. I might follow them into the bathroom. I might ask to be their friends. Or worse, for a photo.

In other Aaron Taylor-Johnson news, the Kick-Ass 2 trailer has been released. Never understood why the first movie wasn’t a bigger hit. The first movie was amazing. The second...looks promising, only I don’t know if I’m ok with Christopher Mintz-Plasse borrowing from Jack’s Joker.

Having said that...