Aaron Taylor-Johnson (that’s the first time I’ve called him that and it feels so good) has been missing from the Savages red carpets. He was a no-show in LA and he wasn’t around for the one in NY last night either. The easy answer is because of the wedding. As reported last week - click here for a refresher - a rep for the Taylor-Johnsons, Sam and Aaron, confirmed on Friday that they’re now married. What’s bizarre to me is the timing. It’s not like he didn’t know there would be press requirements for the film right now. And they went ahead with it anyway. Because he’s just all “I don’t give a sh-t” like that? Or on purpose because he thinks the movie sucks?

Here’s Blake Lively in yellow with green earrings and a fishtail on the carpet last night. I love the fishtail. It’s obviously fake but I do enjoy it. We need to talk more about fake hair soon. Apparently it’s almost all fake. All of them. Name a celebrity, it’s probably fake. Am I naive? I was surprised to learn it.

Also I really hate TK’s head when it’s buzzed. Right now he’s doing nothing for me.