Carb Face Ryan Phillippe was greeted in Sydney at the airport by girlfriend Abbie Cornish the other day. Meeting the family? Over the holidays? How sweet. But if I were her parents, and if her mother is anything like mine, I wouldn’t be thrilled about my beautiful girl and an incorrigible philanderer. Because as you know, Abbie wasn’t his only. Am told Abbie wasn’t even the last.

Abbie does look happy though – as you can see, she can’t quite suppress her smile even in front of the paps. Long distance is hard on love. And that relief when that person is finally standing there in front of you… it’s like your insides are untwisting. I still remember it. Does she look like Charlize Theron to you? She does to me.

Anyway, not known how long Ryan is staying though he’s apparently expected to be home with his children in LA by Christmas. Wonder if Jakey’s coming home for Christmas too!

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