Just look at the first blonde shots. Don’t cheat.


Barely, right?


Is Abigail Breslin. Little Miss Sunshine. Last night in New York at the Hot Pink Party in support of the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. It was also her birthday yesterday. She’s now 15.

Anyway, apparently her stylist lightened her hair. And she loves it. Of course she does. Tina Fey (every sentence starts with Tina Fey these days) wrote about the Blonde Factor hilariously in Bossypants. I won’t spoil it for you. Just… you’ll know it when you’re reading it.

The point is though, at 15, now blonde, Abigail certainly doesn’t seem to mind the attention that might come with her new hair colour. Great. Only…

She’s unrecognisable, non? At least to me.

Am also attaching shots of her from February at the Rango UK premiere. I think she looks SO much better with dark hair. That’s some hard posing too, right?

Photos from Andrew H. Walke/Gettyimages.com and Wenn.com