Eva Green, Audrey Tautou, now Emily Blunt… Euro brunettes are the hotness. Emily Blunt, here in Vancouver with boyfriend Michael Buble. She supported him at his album release party the other night and yesterday, False Creek, they had lunch at Provence where she was head to toe perfection.

Her skin alone is making me mad with envy. And that toque – I love the toque.

So about the relationship and the smut – apparently he was engaged before to someone else. And allegedly in the space of 5 minutes ditched the ex and showed up with Em. Rumour has it he was supposed to take the fiancée to an event, she had to buy an expensive dress for the carpet, spent a ton of money, only to be told she wasn’t going and she wasn’t engaged anymore either and the next thing you know, he shows up with Emily on his arm wearing an expensive dress that he paid for. Rumour has it.

Now I’m Canadian and I live in Vancouver so I’m totally supposed to be a Buble fan…but I just don’t get the music. Is it ok that I don’t get the music? And because I don’t get the music, I honestly don’t get the quiver.

But Emily Blunt clearly does. Which is why I don’t understand why Emily Blunt is always so… dour. For examples of that enter “Blunt” in the search field and click on “go”. Every event, never smiling.

In all fairness though, by all accounts, they are a super cool couple. Laid back, they don’t seek out attention, at the Globes she was nominated for 2 awards, he was smoking when her name was called and she went up on stage and he had to run back to hear her speech. I’m told it was actually rather cute.

Wonder if they’ll be at the Canucks game tonight? Will keep my eyes peeled, let you know what she’s wearing.