I mentioned his personal space issues last week and have received many emails requesting more information. If you are a fan though, be warned… it’s not the best or most flattering encounter ever.

It was Thursday night – Diddy’s event in Scottsdale. Julian and Dylan Walsh show up on the carpet completely blitzed. Which is cool…after all, it was a party. They came to party.

Julian is considerably taller than Dylan. Impressively tall for an actor, actually. They did most of their interviews together but Julian came over to our camera solo. And, as mentioned, he is a sexy beast. Maybe a bit too orange and waxy faced but very good looking all the same and pissed f&cking drunk.

Unfortunately not in a good way. In a good way would have been funny. Who doesn’t love partying with a fun drunk? Problem is… he wasn’t funny. Instead, he was a close talker. And since I’m probably a foot shorter than he is, he was a closer talker/leaner so that his lips were practically grazing my ears when he was babbling, forcing me to have to edge away, which prompted him to lean even closer. Thankfully, his breath was not rank. I remember clearly thinking this to myself and being grateful.

He got so close that Dylan and Michelle said that from one vantage point behind the camera, it looked like he was eating my hair.


Worst still… he was slurring. Long, interminable sentences about absolutely nothing, essentially amounting to blah blah blah, and he wouldn’t shut up either. Most of the time on the press line, we are working our tits off for two more questions. In Julian McMahon’s case, we tried to wrap it after his first answer.

Thing is, he’s really, really, really nice. Just not so sexy when he’s really, really, really drunk. Like the attractive guy at the office you’ve been flirting with only to find out he’s totally lame after a few drinks at the Christmas party. And I’m not saying I don’t enjoy getting mauled. Will gladly get mauled any time, any place. Only if you’re going to get mauled, you prefer it with someone who has some finesse, not a blubbering fool who can’t hold his liquor…

Just sayin’…

This is Julian at the Australia Gala in New York last week.

Photo from Splash