According to The Hollywood Reporter, About Last Night is set for a remake. The first thing I thought was that’s not possible, the movie isn’t old enough (and neither am I). Released in 1986, it holds up pretty  well with its, “boy meets girl in a bar, they have a one-night stand and try to have a relationship” premise.

Along with Demi Moore (as Debbie) and Rob Lowe (as Danny), the original starred Elizabeth Perkins as the critical , blouse-wearing friend Joan and Jim Belushi as the misogynistic work buddy, Bernie. If you haven’t seen it, you are missing out on a quintessential Eighties film – get your hands on it this weekend. (Lainey: also Rob Lowe does GREAT sex scenes. Youngblood? Come ON.)

Here’s my first concern (of many): Will they keep the initial meeting between Danny and Debbie as a one-night stand, or will they whitewash it into a meet-cute? It has to be a one-night stand because it sets the whole tone for the sexually charged, emotionally immature relationship.

My second concern is casting because the characters are so flawed but the chemistry between Danny and Debbie has to be absorbing. The bathtub scene... ya, you remember.

Comedian Kevin Hart has been cast as Bernie, so let’s round out the imaginary IMBD page.

Joan needs to be little older and very disapproving -  someone who can look her friend straight in the eye and tell her that you don’t move in with a guy just because he’s a good f-ck. She also has to go toe-to-toe with Bernie, who was an absolute pig in the original. Kat Dennings could hold her own.

Alex Pettyfer would be great as Danny, the fresh-faced womanizer who wants to play house but quickly becomes suffocated by the reality of an adult relationship. I’m just coming off a Magic Mike screening and I’m not embarrassed to say he impressed me and it had nothing to do with his abs.

Debbie, as played by Demi, was very soft and not too polished – it’s amazing how round her face was, compared to now. She should be vulnerable and sexy but not naïve. I went young with Danny so I’ll go young with Debbie, too: Shailene Woodley.

Remember how they hung out at Mother’s? I’d give a lot to spend St. Patrick’s Day at Mother’s in Chicago circa 1986.