Why isn’t Ricky Gervais the host of an awards show… any awards show? His moment with Kate Winslet was gold – remember her appearance on Extras?

Kate Winslet on Extras montage


The cutest thing, Kate’s friendship with Leo, non? And it’s hard to reconcile too. That he can at once appreciate the amazing woman that is Kate Winslet and still at the same time exclusively date teenage models. 

Oh the Globes. Love the Globes. Because it’s the moments in between: Angie kissing Brad, Tom Cruise hopping around on his springs from one end of the room to the other, working it working it, now that he’s back in the game, he’s working it to stay in the game, and the sanctimonious celebrity expression of faux shock during Sacha Baron Cohen’s presentation. Especially Salma Hayek. 


They really do take themselves SO seriously. 

Was the most enjoyable awards show in a long time. Then again, it’s like golf season: always optimistic at the beginning.

My thoughts to follow. Would love to hear yours. Please do send. Am not able to write back to all but I read every message.

PS. How about Emma Thompson? She was genuinely ecstatically happy for EVERYONE. Did you see her congratulating Kate W? And cheering for Sally Hawkins? And jumping out of her seat for all winners in between? If I could curl into her lap… Emma Thompson could save us all from hell. 

Photos from Wenn.com