Fifty Shades Of Grey was initially written as Twilight fan fiction. As I’ve said before, it was the author, with her hand between her legs, transferring that onto the page. Anyone who plays Christian Grey then is simply a replacement for Robert Pattinson. Would it be reasonable to ask Pattinson, for research purposes of course, to see his sex tape with Kristen Stewart, if one exists? I feel like this is a fair junket question for Jamie Dornan, because Variety reported last night that he’ll be stepping in for Charlie Hunnam who was originally stepping in for Robert Pattinson anyway. As of the time of this post, the studio has yet to officially confirm the news.

According to Deadline though, they were originally trying for Alexander Skarsgard. Evidently he wasn’t interested. No one with their own sh-t going on was interested. This is why it was a joke for them to believe that they could have attracted top tier talent. This role might be a star maker for an up-and-comer, but it’s also a star killer for an already-there.

In other words, Dornan is a good choice. He’s very attractive. He’s not an established name. He’s not American, which seems to have been one of their search criteria. Aside from having dated Keira Knightley, what do we know about him?

Well, he’s married. His wife is called Amelia Warner. You know her name if you know Colin Farrell. Because he used to be her husband. See?

Their wedding was on the beach in Tahiti when she was 19 though she has since insisted that it wasn’t legal. Whatever it was, at that age, not surprisingly, it only last a year after that.

In June it was announced that Warner and Dorner are expecting a baby. Am curious then to see what the publicity strategy will be around Dornan’s personal life. You know how Twi-Hards can be about their imaginary narratives.

Here are Dornan and Warner together on holiday in January of this year.