Not that this will surprise you but just in case. You know that show she’s doing? The search for Hollywood Ebola Paris Hilton’s new BFF? Well it’s not really real people who are being auditioned but actors. Real actors. Real actors on both coasts have been called to expose themselves to her infection to pretend to want to be friends with that filthy whore virus.

Seriously. Actors have it rough. Once upon a time it was waiting tables to get by. Now it’s voluntarily subjecting yourself to disease.

My sources tell me that agents have been called in LA and New York and they’ve been sending their clients to audition to fill the spots on the show. I heard yesterday that several of the girls who cleared the first hurdle were actually regulars on the soap circuit eager for a paycheque.

But is it worth it? Is it worth risking your life and your livelihood for 3 short months? Look what happened to Jared Leto, Ebola’s last victim. Chapter 27 sucked huge ass and worse still…no one f&cking cares.

The same fate will befall Benji Madden. Trust.

Here they are in London last night still taking their love across Europe. Something tells me the Good Charlotte tour isn’t selling like it used to.

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