Chuck Bass hasn’t made you forget about Seth Cohen, has he?

This just in! Exclusive!

Diablo Cody’s Juno follow-up is a film called Jennifer’s Body, with Jason Reitman producing and starring Megan Fox, the ghetto Angelina Jolie. Adam Brody has just been confirmed to the cast… and the movie, like Juno, will be shot in Vancouver. Production is slated to begin very soon.

Megan is being followed around closely by Brian Austin Green (aka David Silver) who, rumour has it, is clinging to his last days as her boyfriend. Word is, he will not leave her side, desperately afraid that now that she’s Hollywood lastest “it”, she’ll come to her senses and get the hell out.

Wonder if she’ll hook up instead with Adam and his clammy face?

It would be amazing if she did. Giving up the old David Silver for the new one. Giving up David Silver for Seth Cohen – do you love it, or do you love it?

PS. Who has Diablo Cody fatigue?

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