I don’t watch American Idol. So my knowledge of Adam Lambert is mainly from skimming articles. I do know that Lambert, an adult, closed the American Music Awards on Sunday and writhed about not unlike the way Chicken Fried Britney and underageJailBait Miley have done in their own shows. Performance Art. Not unlike Gaga’s performance art only maybe a bit more amateur. My producer Caleigh called it “try hard” this morning. Definitely try hard. But was it offensive?

The MiniVan seems to think so. We’re ok with the girls grinding up with abandon but Adam Lambert is not allowed.

Now Good Morning American is outlawing it for morning tv.

What’s the problem?

I don’t think the problem is the alleged lewdness. The problem is the factual gayness.

Gays are supposed to be adorable best friends like Stanford Blatch who tell you to buy those Jimmy Choos. Gays are not supposed to be put their gayness on tv.

Flipping to the straight side:

Twi-Hards today are jizzing it up over a barely legal Taylor Lautner on the cover of Rolling Stone. There’s a Team Jacob communal rub over the release of his new cover. Wet, ripped, and ready to tweak their Twi-spots.

Photo from Wenn.com