Adam Levine is allegedly* very freshly off the market, which is great for him, but better for us because this gossip involves the weirdest little piece of pop trivia. You see, Adam’s supposed new woman is apparently actress Amanda Setton. If you haven’t already scrolled down to check out her picture, you’re for sure wondering “who?”, because this girl has very low name recognition. When you see her face though you probably had the same thought I did, which is “oh man, Adam Levine is boning one of Blair’s minions?!”

That’s right, Mr. Maroon 5 and Penelope from Gossip Girl are sitting in a tree, or least some weird branch of the celebrity dating shrub, k-i-s-s-i-n-g. What I love about this match is that there’s a real underdog element to it. Adam Levine, the arrogant d-bag from a band no one really cared about, has used The Voice to transform his public image into that of a good humoured and lovable reality star, one willing to take his shirt off for our pleasure. Then there’s Amanda, who was a third rate character from a quickly forgotten CW drama. I never thought I’d see her face again but she’s popped back up on The Mindy Project, a show that’s overcoming its rocky start, and has now bagged one of Hollywood’s most eligible. It’s a comeback that would impress even Blair Waldorf herself.

What do you guys think of Amanda for Adam? I’m into it, especially since he’s so thoroughly “Seacresting” himself into an empire. The Hollywood Reporter features Adam on the cover of its new issue, breaking down how he’s managing to pull in more than $35 million a year. The highlights include Proactiv sponsorship, a development deal with NBC and his own record label that’s signed Matthew Morrison (side-eye at that last one!). It’s worth reading the whole thing for dirt on the creation of The Voice, plus, hilariously, an actual numerical statistic about Adam’s increased likability.

Amanda fits the girlfriend mold perfectly for the type of Hollywood heavyweight Adam’s turning into. She’s beautiful and successful, but not TOO successful, like Adam’s answer to Julianne Hough. They’ve also got the name alliteration thing happening.

While we’re on the vaguely on the subject, I could never forgive myself if I didn’t express how much better The Mindy Project has gotten. It’s finally balanced the cute/funny tone and Mindy’s rom-com obsession is really helping me to forgive myself for the years I spent worshipping Sex & The City. This week it was picked up for a second season. Here’s hoping for a future semi-nude Adam Levine cameo!

Click here to read THR’s full profile. Attached -- Amanda Setton in November.

*(Lainey: the story originates at Radar so, ahem)