Why would you ever concern yourself with a speech that was serious? The best ones at the Globes are always the ones that are fueled by that legendary bar and a little over the top and genuinely disoriented.   (I said genuinely.)

All it took was two minutes from Adele and I knew everything I needed to about her weekend, what and who she and her friend were going to party with after the show (I suspect an hour at the after-party, then In-N-Out at the hotel), how much fun they had getting ready, and how much time she spent writing the song versus talking about how cool it was to be writing a song in a James Bond film. Is there an allotment of how many stars cannot take themselves too seriously? Do I really have to be limited to just Adele?

I tell myself she’d like to be friends with me, but the truth is she’d think I was a loser for the amount of time I sit around trying to perfect her accent. And she’s probably right, but I’m still going to say “somefing” all day today. And talk about pissing myself. I expect it to go very well.