If I were a young actor, male or female, between 20 and 30, I’d be looking for a hookup with Adele Exarchopoulos. She won the Best Newcomer – or whatever they call it – Award at Critics’ Choice last night and from the moment she started walking, I was in love. It’s not just the accent. It’s also the strut of ennui. Ennui at 20 is spectacular. See Kristen Stewart. Ennui at 20 and FRENCH, oh my God, it’s a book. Getting into a fight with her would be everything.

Harry Styles, where are you? THIS, Harry Styles. THIS.

Adele felt like an outsider last night because, as she says, no one from her team was there. And she couldn’t even get drunk. By the time she got off the stage, everyone else was in love. I mean I would not be surprised if Jared Leto spent the rest of his night trying to make it happen. Or Ethan Hawke.

Here’s the video. Start at 1:30 so you don’t have to suffer through Kellan Lutz.