Dear Gossips,

Adele. ADELE!

Adele let out last night just as the Jays and Orioles were in the 9th inning, tied. We made it home to see Edwin’s walk-off homerun. It almost felt as though she planned it that way – gave us a perfect performance and sent us away in time to finish the game.

As she told us last night, there are only 18 shows to go before the end of this tour. And the thing with Adele is, as she told us last night, she’s not big on touring and, well, she’s probably not going to be touring again for a long, long time. Maybe 10 years. It’s not like she hasn’t been obvious about it. Her kid is getting to school age. She doesn’t really want to be all over the place when he’s in school. My point is, if you haven’t already, and it’s in the budget, and there’s a possibility for you to see her – SEE HER. Even if you have to go alone. It might actually be better to be alone. I was alone.

There were 7 of us trying to get tickets last year. It was so f-cking stressful I think I even wrote about the meltdown that was happening with all of us logging on and queuing online. In the end, we were able to get 4 seats together and 3 singles. After our group dinner, Duana, Cat, and I were the ones who took the single seats last night, several rows and an entire section apart from each other. Didn’t matter. You don’t need anyone else. You just need Adele. For me, the moment she came onstage, it was like she was singing just to me, for me, talking just to me, for me. By the halfway point of the show, the concert became a duet, featuring Adele and Lainey. Everyone around me had to endure my singing, in full voice, volume dialed to max, arms up in the air. Not that they cared, because all of us were lost in our own personal, private Adele bubbles. And they were doing the same thing. I know Duana and Cat were doing the same thing. I know Duana was sobbing. By herself, sob-singing every lyric, to the point where a perfect stranger reached out and squeezed her shoulder reassuringly, as if to say, Feel it, girl. I know. I KNOW.

It’s magic, when an artist can do that. When she can take your loneliness and turn it into an asset. If I could go again, I’d sit alone again. Duana’s actually decided to do that. She’s buying a single ticket for Friday and re-experiencing the whole thing by herself, again. I’m telling you, you don’t need anyone else when you have Adele. So don’t be afraid to be by yourself. Adele is there for you.

Yours in gossip,