Baz Bamigboye from the Daily Mail is reporting that Adele might play Dusty Springfield. It’s very early. There’s nothing confirmed. And the reason I’m citing Bamigboye as the source is to distinguish this story from the Mail’s usual stories they pull out of their asses. Bamigboye has access. It’s more reliable than the usual sh-t we find in the Mail. Which makes this possibility even more exciting. And also maybe a little worrisome?

Hear me out before you yell at me.

Because this has nothing to do with Adele’s vocals. We KNOW she has the vocals. But can she act? Where do you weigh the two in a biopic? Is it more important to you that the person taking on the part can BE the part, or that they can SING the part? Adele is not an actor. So, right now, it’s fair to call her a novice. Taking on a significant role. You could argue that they could simply use the original vocals and have the actor lip-synch, right? Obviously the best case scenario would be that the person cast can do both. But if you had to have one or the other, which one would it be for you?

Still, a film about Dusty Springfield is very, very exciting. I wrote about Dusty a few years ago on this blog. Here’s the passage:

*In 1964, virtually no celebrities were openly opposing apartheid. Springfield was scheduled to perform in South Africa but when she learned that she’d be playing for a segregated audience she insisted on an anti-segregation clause in her contract, the first performer to take such a stand, thereby playing for blacks and whites, resulting in her eventual deportation when the government found out that a mixed crowed was enjoying her music. F-cking badass.

Yeah. We need to see this movie.

Also… yeah… we might need to hear Adele cover Breakfast In Bed, my favourite Dusty Springfield song. (Hi Gab!) Have you heard it before?

She’s the other woman. And, well, um, she kinda makes you want to be the other woman instead, doesn’t she? That’s what a true artist can do. She will take you out of your position and it almost feels like you wanted it in the first place.