Adele performed on The X Factor finale last night in the UK with a haircut. It’s a bob. The Adele bob. And because it’s Adele, and the only permissible reaction to anything related to Adele is adoration, people are really excited. Also tempted. How many of you will be heading to the salon this week to give it a try? I’ve already heard from a friend who wants to cut her hair off because she loves Adele’s length so much.

Pause. Please pause.

No haircut should ever result from a celebrity appearance on a reality singing competition, even if the celebrity is Adele. Also consider:

Will it be long enough to put into a ponytail? To me, it doesn’t look long enough for a ponytail, which would make me crazy.

This is the debate for the day. Start yelling at me now.

In other Adele news…

North American tour dates announced!

Tickets go on sale on Thursday at 10am local time which means by 10:15am local time most of us will be f-cking pissed that we couldn’t get through and get into fights with the people we know who did get through. It happened in Europe, it will totally happen here.