Dear Gossips,

Since the midpoint of last year, I’ve been Gossip Genie-ing for a Grammy collaboration between Beyoncé and Adele. A conventional collaboration did not happen. But could you call what actually did happen a collaboration? In the end, what wasn’t televised is the moment Adele accidentally broke her Grammy for Album of the Year.


Adele, however, didn’t know what Beyoncé already did – not because Beyoncé can foretell the future but because she has had experience with the past. Which is why you could argue that Adele was probably more disappointed than Beyoncé. For Beyoncé to have been disappointed would mean that she doesn’t know the world. But Lemonade is basically an assessment of how the world works and an artistic representation of her resistance to it. It was Adele who learned a little more about how the world works last night. And what followed was her unfiltered response to that education.

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