Dear Gossips,

Adele is the guest today on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. And she’s straight up about what happened to her sound at the Grammys and how she reacted – by crying all day the next day. Although she does clarify that if she’d performed flawlessly, she still would have cried anyway. To me, it’s not just that Adele is honest. It’s that she’s honest, always, but also not super precious, always. It happened, whatever, it was upsetting. But it’s not forever. Her attitude takes the drama out of a situation. And, given that most of them are all narcissists, it feels fresh.

The clip of her talking about her Grammys experience is below. The better clip though is when she does that bit with Ellen where she goes out in public but only says what Ellen tells her to say. Adele is so good at this, I don’t understand how she doesn’t crack. Ellen, on the other hand, almost loses it at one point. Seeing people lose it on TV always makes me lose it. That’s one of the reasons why the Blue Oyster Cult sketch on Saturday Night Live is so iconic. Will Ferrell is ridiculous. Christopher Walken is ridiculous. But all the other guys not being able to hold their sh-t together takes it to another level.

Anyway, back to Adele – she and her partner, Simon, went to Disneyland with their son Angelo the other day. And Angelo was dressed as Anna from Frozen:

Love this so much.

Yours in gossip,