The video for Adele’s Someone Like You premiered yesterday. Have you seen it yet?

Yes, her coat is so lovely. I have already forwarded the requests on to Sasha to write about in an upcoming style article.

Even better though is the song, complemented by the view. Of Paris. It is of course so GOOP and therefore super eye-rolly to be all like, “Sigh, I love Paris” because, you know, she goes to Paris for the weekend, for someone’s birthday, and stays in crazy suites and doesn’t walk anywhere except to the changeroom at Collette, and you hate her so much, I know you do.

But is it ok to love Paris because you went there with people who mean a lot to you and this video made you remember your time there with them? I mean the song, it’s so beautiful. And then the route - Jacek and I walked this exact route 5 years ago for 5 days straight, in daylight and at night when the Eiffel Tower lights up. Two years later, Duana, Michelle, and I did the same, the two of them trying not to be embarrassed by me in workout clothes dragging around a janky plastic bag holding the leftovers of a sandwich taking pictures on the Pont d’Alexandre III, rushing for our bus later on after a group of Russians made us late because none of them would pay for the mini-bar charges. Hi Duana and Michelle!

I’m just saying it’s great when a video is like the song, left for you to colour with your own interpretation.

Attached - Adele at the Mercury Prize event in London on September 6.