And people are still hating on it. Why? Because it’s old lady or something? Guess what? It’s been old lady for over a year now, all over the place. Florals! Everywhere!

If it had been Anne Hathaway, would the reaction have been the same?

No, Lainey, but between black and this, there are so many other options.

Oh, you mean options for “fat” girls?

Why can’t Adele wear a Valentino dress that would not have elicited the same reaction if it had been Anne Hathaway instead?

To borrow from my Mimi, I rebuke that.

I rebuke the notion that she can’t. That the higher end designs cannot be worn by women with Adele’s body type. Is that why people on Twitter were attacking her size?

I rebuke it.

And besides, there’s this -- Adele thoroughly not impressed with Chris Brown. Give her all the points.