I’ve been writing about Adele for weeks. You bored ?

No, not like “U Mad?” Try it again, in an Adele accent.  “Y’booohd??” and make sure you put three separate notes in it.  

Now, see?  You can’t not laugh.  You can’t not smile.  She’s the absolute best.

Here’s what happened when she walked through the hotel lobby yesterday on her way to the carpet – people raced to see her and didn’t know quite what to do with themselves, and she just smiled. She has her people, not like subjects, but not quite like fans, either. She doesn’t run around touching hands (like a Taylor Swift, and yes I’m the millionth person to make that comparison this weekend), she just kind of acknowledges that there are other people around, and that they, too, have pain. She knows. She knows you have pain.

But who has time? Who has time for pain when there are awards to be won, EGOTs to be half-accomplished already, and adorable GIFs to be made when Adele gets emotional about her man whom she loves so much?

Watch it happen over and over.

You love her, right up until the point where maybe you think it’s bandwagony, so you think you don’t, anymore. Resist the urge to resist. Go ahead and love her.