Physically I’m not attracted to him. He’s a bit too…… hirsute for my tastes. But in person? When he speaks? Adrian Grenier is The Hotness.

First of all, he’s tall. Tall for a celebrity. I’d say just over 5 ft 10, maybe an inch more. And he’s serious. He’s not at all Vincent Chase. Serious in the sense that he’s not loose, not a joker, not like George Clooney who can ham it up and is the centre of attention everywhere. Adrian is really low key and, well, almost introverted I’d say.

Every answer is measured and deliberate, there’s nothing facetious about him, not that there’s no sense of humour but he’s just not a frivolous guy, you know what I mean?

But it’s the way he speaks that makes the difference. Articulate is sexy, non? And Adrian Grenier is very articulate. He uses proper sentences, he uses appropriate words in appropriate contexts, he used the word “normalcy” as opposed to normality – normality is what I consider a cop out, and I like to think he wouldn’t say “utilise” either…words created for the sound of their own self importance.

No, no. Adrian Grenier is better than Utilise.

And he has the most beautiful, beautiful eyes. And apparently he’s part of a Book Club. Asked him about it today, he said they discussed the Jeffrey Sachs book, then did a Book Club fundraiser and ended up donating $11,000.

Love, love, love.

And Adrien Grenier is now fighting for a spot on the Freebie Five.

Here he is today on the Croisette.  Yes, he is that thin.