After Adrian Grenier cut his hair, many of you noted that he looks remarkably like John Stamos who happened to be photographed on the set of Entourage filming a guest appearance on the show yesterday. I don’t see it but again, I don’t have the best eyes.

While Stamos was shooting in LA, his soulmate Jennifer Aniston continued to work on Just Go With It in Hawaii. Here she is by the pool in an orange dress and her great perky breasts and her toned legs so “Fabulous at Over 40!” It’s a body she apparently puts a lot of effort into. Fair enough. I’m told she’s in the gym twice a day. 90 minutes of cardio spread out over two sessions, she can run and fast for a long, long time, and there’s also private toning in her suite with an instructor. What? You mean she doesn’t look like that naturally?

Oh would her agents just call his already? I’m tired of waiting.

Photos from London Entertainment/