Just on the off chance you were still holding out hope for Adrian Grenier…give it up. Give it up now. Because it’s full on infection, Hollywood Ebola has eaten him alive…Adrian Grenier is no more.

E! Online correspondent Kristin interviewed him recently and asked about Paris. This is what he had to say:
"I think she’s absolutely wonderful. I really like her, genuinely. So, there’s that. Just genuine human-to-human appreciation. But she also has a very unique experience that I’m curious about. It’s an experience she’s been intertwined with for many years. Well beyond the many years I’ve had to experience this sort of celebrity situation. So, you know, we’re sort of helping each other out. We’re sort of mutual mentors. We"re not (dating). We"re just friends. But there"s always a world of possibility!"

Now remember, not that it needs repeating, but this twat is a piece of sh-t, per Tina Fey. The worst excuse for a human being, like, ever. And he “appreciates” her??? He’s “mentoring” her?


That skank f&ckin’ ate him alive. And if you loved him before, I’m sorry for your loss.

Thanks Stef!