He’s friends with it, Adrian Grenier is. With Ebola Paris Hilton. He admits it too. And what’s come of it since then?

When Entourage first broke, Adrian Grenier was a hot commodity. He had a supporting role in The Devil Wears Prada and continued to look for opportunities between shooting his hit HBO show.

Has he done a movie since Prada? Has he done much since Ebola? If he has, I haven’t seen it. Or heard about it. Adrian could have had a promising career outside of television and beyond Entourage. But Ebola’s track record is intact.

Here he is in Paris, France at Fashion Week. Anyone with a tv show can get model pussy. But not everyone with a tv show can become a movie star. And thanks to Ebola, this won’t be happening to Adrian Grenier any time soon.

Photos from INFphoto.com