Much sympathy to fans of Adrian Grenier who were heartbroken last summer when he started dicking around with Paris Hilton and even defended her publicly, calling her a nice person.

Somehow Hollywood Ebola penetrated through his decency…and now Adrian Grenier is a diseased victim. Paris’s black hole vag shows no mercy, see?

Evidence of his infection can be seen in the way he wears his pants. Once lean and lanky, Adrian’s jeans for some reason are no longer hanging properly. He was photographed the other day with awkwardly puffy pockets – never a good sign.

Further proof that Hollwood Ebola ate his soul – Adrian has supposedly turned into a douchebag the size of John Mayer. Word is he came on to a girl the other night and opened by telling her he was a “documentary filmmaker”. Snort.

When she told him she was “in fashion” he cut to the chase and replied:

"That"s cool. So how about we go home and I f*ck the sh*t out of you."

Apparently that kind of closer works with Paris Hilton. Shockingly, this time, the girl passed. Shocking.

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