It’s ok to love Entourage without loving Adrian Grenier. At this point, it’s actually a requirement. Because it’s now totally NOT ok to think of Adrian Grenier as anything but a douchebag.

It all started a year ago, of course, when he first became infected with Hollywood Ebola.

The effects of the disease are clearly irreversible, incurable.

Adrian Grenier, in a new interview with Page Six Magazine, actually used the words Paris Hilton and respect in the same sentence:

"I have fun with her, but it's always been platonic. [Our relationship] wasn't sexual though I understand that sex sells. I have a lot of respect for Paris. She's ballsy. She's learned to play with paparazzi attention and have fun with it, and she creates little mysteries in the tabloid arena."

Criminal. Objectionable. Unforgivable.

And never ever forget…

Tina Fey, only like the Goddess of All Things, Tina Fey called Ebola “a piece of sh*t”.

Tina’s word is gold.

He could rescue a thousand cats for all I care. Nothing can adequately atone. Adrian Grenier is done.