And better.

Much better.

Entourage has resumed production. Adrian Grenier and Kevin Dillon were seen on Sunset yesterday shooting outside a peeler bar. So a lot has changed. Actually he looks great with short hair. It’s exactly what he needed. A purge. Detox. Cutting off any remnants of Ebola.

There could have been a promising hiatus movie career for Adrian at one time. At the very least in supporting roles. And then he publicly befriended a diseased piece of sh-t called Hollywood Ebola Paris Hilton. Since then he only has his show. And his show isn’t what it used to be. Entourage has become a little stale now, although the end of last season seemed to signal a resurgence. Ari and Lloyd make a glorious couple.

The Entourage people this year focused on How To Make It In America. I will admit I have a problem for Bryan Greenberg. Ever since Prime, I’ve had a problem for Bryan Greenberg. But How To Make It isn’t bad. It’s not great yet, but it’s not bad. And it really does have the best theme song on tv right now. Which, going back to Adrian, makes him a little yesterday, non?

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