Mark Ruffalo has like 8,000 movies in the festival this year! Seriously…he’s a busy dude. But so underrated.

By all accounts he is delightful in The Brothers Bloom which premiered last night at TIFF. Haven’t had a chance to screen it but I can’t imagine that Mark and Adrien Brody together for 2 hours will be terribly tough to endure.

Bloom also stars Rachel Weisz looking sooo lovely and sooo beautiful in a silver Herve Leger which, knowing her, was probably free. I wonder if she regifts her clothes for Christmas?

As mentioned earlier, Adrian it seems was in town forever. From Friday to at least last night, quite the stretch, not that anyone is complaining. We want Adrien Brody something fierce. He was pure sex last night in his suit, again rockin’ the bromance with his buddy Mark. The three of them – Mark’s wife, Mark, and Adrien, it seems like they’re constantly in a huddle, whispering, gossiping, bonding… it’s adorable. I want to be the fourth. Like double dates.

And if you ever want to meet him one day, if you’re wondering if he’s a snotty sh*t who wouldn’t ever speak to you, Adrien was with his publicist last night up at the roof and was approached almost incessantly by partiers wanting a piece of his hotness.

He was sweet and friendly to everyone. And best… his publicist did not tell anyone to beat it. Needless to say, that’s extremely rare.

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