Adrien Brody showed up at the screening for The Social Network on his own last night, still kinda douchey and smarmy, but not cranked up to his douche and smarm full potential. A few evenings earlier, in Los Angeles, the girl who let his cheese out and encouraged it to fly, Elsa Pataky, arrived at the LACMA Gala on the arm of Chris Hemsworth.

Hemsworth of course is Thor, expected to move the box office in a big way next May when Thor opens two weeks ahead of Pirates 4. You know, that little movie. Interestingly enough, Thor actually switched its release date to get out of Johnny Depp’s way. So I wouldn’t say it’s a sure thing. And I think it played rather underwhelmingly at Comic-Con.

But for Elsa, he’s her next hot ride. Maybe he’ll even buy a fake castle for her and close his eyes while they pose in a bathtub. If you don’t understand this reference, click here. The first step is the red carpet. You don’t date Elsa Pataky and NOT work the red carpet. And it’s not like she’s his first ever girlfriend of all time either. It’s just that...well... Elsa comes with her own specific set of demands. Trust me on this.

And will it work?

For her, well, no one gives a sh-t.

For him... he hasn’t booked anything beyond Thor. It’s a good gig, sure, pays the bills, yes, but there’s really not that much variety either. And in Hollywood, the key word is always MORE. Elsa is a MORE sucker though. Watch.

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