This is model “actress” Elsa Pataky at a breast cancer event today in Spain promoting herself for charity. Check her out working the cameras. Gorgeous, right? Love the hair.

Over in Long Beach, her boyfriend, Adrien Brody, who bought a fake castle for her in upstate New York and routinely participates in cheesy photoshoots for the sole purpose of fronting her career, participated in some celebrity race car event…

It’s been a long time since they embarrassed themselves in the pages of Hello Magazine while reading scripts in an empty bathtub. Or posing with poor kids in Africa with perfect hair and makeup.

What’s that?

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Why, Adrien?


Strangely enough, it actually has been ages since they’ve been in public together. Don’t remember seeing Elsa at the Oscars when he introduced Richard Jenkins by referencing google. (WTF?) You know it’s not an occasion she’d have missed…

Trouble at the castle?

Hope not. They give such good cheese.

Photos from Ciao Hollywood / and CORDON PRESS/