This is Adrien Brody last night at The Brothers Bloom screening in New York. Finally! We’ve been waiting for it since TIFF – what took so long?

Adrien attended without his Elsa Pataky. Another carpet without her. You know she loves the opportunity. But there are rumours that they’re no longer loving it up in the fake castle together anymore.

Elsa was spotted in the company of lothario Olivier Martinez in Paris earlier this week, and – thanks Lisa – now all of Spain is buzzing that she’s moved on to Pau Gasol. Click here to see the photo. How long before she turns up courtside? By the way, I have money riding on the Lakers. No more shenanigans, let’s get this thing done.

As for Adrien and Elsa…

A new set of photos of them together looking very intense and she for once not courting the paps was actually just released. Will post as soon as I can get my hands on them. They were taken in LA, the date stamp says today but since he was in New York last night, most likely they were shot the day before.

Fake castles always crumble. Maybe next time don’t pose with your eyes closed in a bathtub with no water?

Dedicated to Adrien:

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