Last October, Michelle, Duana, and I were on a coach heading from the train station to our hotel in London. By the end of that bus ride, all the other passengers probably hated us. I had my laptop open checking email and started raging at the Adrien Brody photo spread in Hello Canada. And then we all started shouting. At the top of our lungs we werehating on him for smearing his Oscar with Velveeta and shoving it down our throats. We actually compared him to Tom Arnold.

Adrien Brody… Tom Arnold.

Click here for a refresher. I mean, he’s reading a script in the bathtub with no water.

Again. Would you believe it? He’s done it AGAIN. New issue of Hello! Canada.

This time they’ve left behind their fake castle in upstate New York to roam Africa with the lions. No. Serious. For reals.

Apparently Elsa wanted to experience the magic of Africa, to be one with nature.

This must be why her hair and makeup and clothes are perfect for the photo shoot. She’s a beautiful woman, sure, but this… this is so embarrassing, so ridiculous, I think they may even have punched up the blue of her eyes….?

And worse – there is a caption on the opening page, the photo of her dancing around with the children. It reads:

Actress Elsa Pataky walks along a road in South Africa surrounded by a group of smiling local children, who are mesmerized by her beauty and down-to earth affection.





Have you ever seen a worse case of Dickmatisation? Like, why is an Oscar winning resorting to this?

He should have his Oscar taken away for this. Or at least be put on probation for this.

F-ck. What happened to Adrien Brody?

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